Briefing 181–The Shadow Government’s Commitment To An Ignorant And Uninformed America i.e. Julian Assange.

Julian Assange is a political prisoner of the West. No other way to look at it. He is being held without bail in the British equivalent of Guantanamo. The U.S. has a “hard-on” (pardon my French) for this guy and is attempting to make an example of him. Example of what you ask? An example of what you can expect if you expose the truth and crimes of the elite class of America. This is a warning. There will be no other. Tell the truth at your own peril.


  1. Steve says:

    It’s funny you are ok with a madman running russia your words When you want removal of a dementia president removed


    1. Damon says:

      Hey Steve. Good point. But I can assure you those who would replace the madman are 10 times worse.


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