Briefing 207–Nitwit Self Absorbed Hollywood Elite And Their Insistence On Explaining Life To You And Me.

Why do the weirdos of Hollywood think they need to walk me through the perils of life? Why do they, because of their shortcomings, social alienation, and personality disorders, feel that they can preach and instruct the average American on life? I for one find it insulting that someone with only one marketable skill (acting like someone else)has the cojones to lecture Americans on anything. These people’s lives are screwed up in ways you and I wouldn’t even want to peek at. They jump in and out of relationships, turn their backs on their families, have addiction problems, are narcissistic, and need a publicist and psychologist to get through even one single day. Spare me the self righteousness and crawl back under the rock you slithered out from.

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