Briefing 209–Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Win The Republican Nomination In 2024

All things being equal I predict with no hesitation that Donald J. Trump will receive the Republican Party nomination for President in 2024. This is barring a few items that could change that eventuality. The most important is health. This would include the health of Joe Biden and also the health of Donald Trump as well. Since they are similar in age the Democrats will use this as an issue especially if Joe Biden is not running in 2024. Moral of the story? We (democrats) can run a crusty old, demented geezer, who has no clue where or who he is most of the time. But you can’t. Will Donald J. Trump win the Presidency? Who knows? My opinion is he won it last time in 2020 so who knows. But my prediction is he will in fact receive the nomination.

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