Briefing 220–Midterms Are Coming And “Satan’s Little Helpers” Know It Is Over. So Watch For The Scorched Earth Plan

If you think that the Lunatic Left, Democrats, the Woke crowd is going to go silently into the night come November? Think again. Despite the polling numbers and the predicted seat loss that the Dems will incur you can bet they have a plan in place to burn everything behind them and set our country on a tailspin the likes you and I have not experience in our lifetimes. These people have no regard for you are the country. Their only concern is power and if they are in danger of losing it they will set the place on fire. “If I can’t have it, then no one will have it.” Mark my words these lunatics are setting boobie traps as I am writing this and a spineless Republican Party will be tasked with disarming those traps. Good luck.

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