Briefing 240–The Death Of Elizabeth II, And A Look At The Jerry Springer Like Royal Family.

This gal was a class act. I am no fan of British Royalty but you must give this broad her dues. She was queen for 76 years and had the responsibility of corrallying that group of monozygotic inbred freaks. Imagine that being laid at your feet. It is truly a wonder the old broad didn’t off herself decades ago. But you have got to hand it to her. She was classy, patriotic, and a rock. She kept her politics to herself and enjoyed throwing back a few drinks on a regular basis. While I have no respect for the rest of the family I have to tip my hat to this lady. Her idiot son who is now king will begin sending all of Britain back to the stone age. He will become Britain’s Joe Biden. First actual job at 74 years of age and he too will fail at it.

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