Briefing 241–Americans Are Simply Children Being Led To The Slaughter By Pied Piper. Off A Cliff? No Problem. Self Destruction? We Are On Board.

You and I know that Pops is completely full of shite. We realize that we are being led by a dark order of people who wish us nothing but destruction. But the scary thing is that a large percentage of Americans are just fine with that very thing. They have no clue, are disinterested, busy, and narcotized. Common sense and an ability to critically think has gone the way of the buggy whip. We are at a crossroads. Our society will not survive if left to that 30-40% who have no clue. Mark my words, the 2022 elections are not a two foot putt and if you think the Liberal Left is going to go down without a fight you are wrong. The Dems could win again in November and Old Joe could win again in 2024, assuming he lives that long. Republicans including DJT need to come up with a message and come up with it quickly.

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