Briefing 243–When The Mood Of America Shifts The Parasitic, Meaningless, And Clueless, Media Change Their Message

Bill Mahr is a jerk. No getting around it. I have read that its not an act either. But Ole Bill has discovered that the old way of doing business is not working. Being the high and mighty intellect of the left is not selling and he has got to change in order to survive. Bill is just a symptom of a larger problem for the Lunatic Left. Trevor Noah gets canned and Bill Mahr’s ears perk up. “They canned him. Holy shite I better change my schtick and do it fast. I know what. I will become the reluctant independent. Yeah, that’s it.” Oh, by the way. Seth Meyer is next. Goodby leftoids. Your time has come and gone. Mainstream Media is dying and they know it.

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