Briefing 267-Generation “Z” (18-24 Year Olds) Are The Most Veracious Example Of A Society In Decline. We May Be Doomed

The generation that is next in line to take the reins is incapable of anything that is adult. Our society is in a lot of trouble and I do not believe anyone is coming to the rescue. Whine, cry, complain and demand sympathy is the call sign for the Gen Z crowd. Ninety percent of these cream puffs are either on medication or seeing a therapist for the events of a simple day as an adult. The bottom line is that no one cares and no one will ever care outside of your parents and a few good friends. Time to grow up and develop a backbone before it is too late. Gen Z’ers, don’t wake up at 50 years old still bitching about how the world is unfair. Note to self. The world does not care and never has.

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