Briefing 271-Warning–Smoke Screen Alert. Biden Admin Is Pushing UFO Narrative To Distract From WW3, Hunter, And Palestine, OH

Spy balloons are nothing more than a distraction. A convenient way to distract the clueless population of the US into believing in their minds that we are possibly being invaded by aliens. (Not illegal aliens. That narrative and fact is true.). No, I am speaking about the little green men. Don’t look over here says the magician, please look here so that I can pull a fast one on you. Do not fall for it. Also, screw the IRS and pay your next waitress/waiter in cash.

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  1. Glenn Koehler says:

    Damon: good podcast. As for the Train derailment and subsequent burning of the chemicals- The Government really doesn’t want someone such as myself to point out that absolutely nowhere in the Emergency Response Guidebook for Vinyl Chloride UN1086 does it say that burning of or setting it on fire is a containment solution. It says to cool the container to prevent explosion. The fact that it is an unstable gas and can cause asphyxiation without notice should have told them that setting it ablaze was not prudent. Anyhow, good show


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