Briefing 275-Big Announcement For ME. Have A Listen And I Will Bring You Up To Speed

CDG Network has made an offer to me to be a part of their group. This is a “free” speech video based platform with a listener base of over 400,000. Wow! More than I can produce on my own. So they are going to handle all of the production, and social media issues. This may work out great. So we will have to wait and see but I had two calls from their producers last night after my maiden show and they were very excited. Who knew? I always knew I was “full of it” but now that may be a great thing. Time will tell.


  1. leapfrognaked says:

    I watched the hour program. Not bad for you first time. Look forward to more


    1. Damon says:

      Thank you. You are too kind.


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