Briefing 243–When The Mood Of America Shifts The Parasitic, Meaningless, And Clueless, Media Change Their Message

Bill Mahr is a jerk. No getting around it. I have read that its not an act either. But Ole Bill has discovered that the old way of doing business is not working. Being the high and mighty intellect of the left is not selling and he has got to change in order to survive. Bill is just a symptom of a larger problem for the Lunatic Left. Trevor Noah gets canned and Bill Mahr’s ears perk up. “They canned him. Holy shite I better change my schtick and do it fast. I know what. I will become the reluctant independent. Yeah, that’s it.” Oh, by the way. Seth Meyer is next. Goodby leftoids. Your time has come and gone. Mainstream Media is dying and they know it.

Briefing 242–My Rant On Bad Drivers, Bad Politicians, Bad Ideas, Bad People, and Bad Ideology

Bear with me for a sec. I am going to rant a while about bad drivers. Not just bad drivers but the ‘off a cliff’ decline in driving skill levels in America. Where am I going with this you ask? Well, I believe our declining skills in operating a motor vehicle parallels our declining ability to critically think and use common sense. Hear me out and see if my analogy makes any sense.

Briefing 241–Americans Are Simply Children Being Led To The Slaughter By Pied Piper. Off A Cliff? No Problem. Self Destruction? We Are On Board.

You and I know that Pops is completely full of shite. We realize that we are being led by a dark order of people who wish us nothing but destruction. But the scary thing is that a large percentage of Americans are just fine with that very thing. They have no clue, are disinterested, busy, and narcotized. Common sense and an ability to critically think has gone the way of the buggy whip. We are at a crossroads. Our society will not survive if left to that 30-40% who have no clue. Mark my words, the 2022 elections are not a two foot putt and if you think the Liberal Left is going to go down without a fight you are wrong. The Dems could win again in November and Old Joe could win again in 2024, assuming he lives that long. Republicans including DJT need to come up with a message and come up with it quickly.

Briefing 240–The Death Of Elizabeth II, And A Look At The Jerry Springer Like Royal Family.

This gal was a class act. I am no fan of British Royalty but you must give this broad her dues. She was queen for 76 years and had the responsibility of corrallying that group of monozygotic inbred freaks. Imagine that being laid at your feet. It is truly a wonder the old broad didn’t off herself decades ago. But you have got to hand it to her. She was classy, patriotic, and a rock. She kept her politics to herself and enjoyed throwing back a few drinks on a regular basis. While I have no respect for the rest of the family I have to tip my hat to this lady. Her idiot son who is now king will begin sending all of Britain back to the stone age. He will become Britain’s Joe Biden. First actual job at 74 years of age and he too will fail at it.

Briefing 239–Blackrock’s Aladdin Is Just Getting Started And Already Owns Everything

What if I told you there is a robot or AI out there that controls more wealth than any country or person on earth? Crazy right? Listen skippy, it is getting really scary out there and this is just one if not the biggest story in history, that is quietly being swept under the rug. I have always considered the stock market a rigged system for the elite. A system designed to make the rich richer but I had no idea of how far we have fallen from the days of buying a stock and watching it grow. It has morphed into a system that is run by one AI entity that is currently on a path to owning everything in the world. Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum said it best “you will own nothing and be happy about it.” We are nearly there.

Briefing 238–My Pronouns Are He/Him, Curmudgeon, and THOU.

Back on the air and a little more humble than I was a week ago. I was brought to reality and saved by three damsels who saved me in my time of need. I am apparently not 25 years of age anymore and I suffered from heat exhaustion during an outdoor event over the weekend. To my rescue came my wife and two great ladies from The Ridge Church in Sullivan, Missouri. I still consider myself a hardass but I must be a hardass in an air conditioned environment.

Briefing 237–If You Could See The Truth You Would Never Sleep Again Or Function Without Professional Help

Social Credit Scores are coming and they are coming big time. America is not a place for dissent, questioning, or critical thinking. Put away your thinking cap and get ready to be fitted for a dunce hat. They want you silent, obedient, and docile. Do not ask questions. It will become the way of the world. Think of the brow beaten women who is crushed by her husband or family. We all know one. They become a Stepford wife. Not thinking or feeling. Welcome to America.

Briefing 236–You’ve Got To Stand For Something Or You Will Fall For Anything. America Is Getting Taught A Lesson in Real Time

Wokeness must be stopped. If we continue to go down the path we are currently on we will not survive as a country, our culture will be destroyed, and our very existence will be in jeopardy. While this country has faced many challenges in the last 250 years none has been as serious or as insidious as this virus of wokeism. Like an addict, the first step is to admit you have a problem. We have a problem folks and we need to face up to it.

Briefing 235–Want To Win An Election? Talk Nonstop To America About Gender-Affirming Issues. “All Politics is Local”.

The great Thomas Phillip “Tip” O’Neill was once credited with the phrase ‘all politics is local.’ But surprisingly that was actually a quote from his own father. Thomas Phillip O’Neill uttered those words right after Tip lost his first election. He was trounced and his father was giving him a little advice on how the world actually works. Politics is only important when it affects you. So if you want to win in November 2022, or in 2024, you must talk about that which affects the majority of Americans. Gender is that issue. It must be addressed and we need to bring the world back from the brink.

Briefing 234–Welcome To The Collapse Of Everything You Used To Know As Civil, Pure, And Logical

We are on the “Highway to Hell” to borrow from an AC/DC song and we are being told to look the other way like a crying baby being distracted by jinggling car keys. They want us to worry about things that do not matter while the evil is manufactured and revealed right before our very eyes. Then if we question we are labeled lunatics and conspiracy theorists. Take heed my friend. At one time evil lurked just below the surface. Today in the Biden world it operates right out in the open.