Briefing 278-Bud Lite CEO Tries To Make A Case To Shareholders-Kim Gardner Is History In St. Louis..Kind Of-St. Louis Cardinals On Losing Streak Are Booed. That’s A Shame

How could you be so arrogant and stupid to claim a 26% drop in sales of your premier selling product is the result of “disinformation?” The CEO of Inbev AB had the audacity to claim that it was just “one” can and not a marketing campaign. Really? You have admitted that it was a multi million dollar attempt to reband and attract more “inclusive” customers. This comes from the horse mouth of the VP in charge. Nice try but we “average” Americans ain’t buying it or your beer.

Briefing 277-Joe Rogan Forgets Who He Owes, AB Sales Reduction Formula, Also, We Are At War.

It is amazing to me how quickly people forget where they came from. Joe Rogan summed up the whole Anheuser Busch bru ha ha with one word, “goofy.” So let me see if I have this straight Joe. Your customer base, your listeners, are goofy? Great strategy. Joe must have taken lessons from the VP of marketing at AB. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. Also, on a lighter note, we are at war with Russia. Have a listen.

Briefing 276-Donald J. Trump Witch Hunt Is Unprecedented In U.S. History And We Will All Pay The Price.

Look at the picture above of Manhattan DA Bragg and tell me you aren’t thinking the same thing that I am. Obese, lazy, incompetent, sellout, who was late to the courthouse. Stereotypical? Maybe? Or is it that over and over again around the nation we are being put through a time in which incompetent individuals who have sold their souls to Soros are leading the charge as we drive off a cliff. Tell me what you think. I would love to hear your take.

Briefing 275-Big Announcement For ME. Have A Listen And I Will Bring You Up To Speed

CDG Network has made an offer to me to be a part of their group. This is a “free” speech video based platform with a listener base of over 400,000. Wow! More than I can produce on my own. So they are going to handle all of the production, and social media issues. This may work out great. So we will have to wait and see but I had two calls from their producers last night after my maiden show and they were very excited. Who knew? I always knew I was “full of it” but now that may be a great thing. Time will tell.

Briefing 274-Donald J. Trump Must Be In Chains. It Is The Viagra To All Woke, Equity Based, Democrat Lunatics. What Say You?

DJT is no angel. I will concede to that. Did he have an affair with a porn star? Maybe. He has denied it outright. Did he pay this said porn star money? Who knows and who cares. Ask Bill Clinton if his sexual exploits hurt his re-election campaign? It did not, and the Republicans paid for that dearly by losing Congress in 1998. Note to self. Do not look like a bully. America hates bullies and the Progressive, Woke, Inclusive, Equity, lunatic Left is hell bent on taking the former President down. Warning>>>>>>>This will not work and you look like idiots in the process.

Briefing 273-We Are Led By Clowns At Every Level. Why Did The Banking Crisis Occur?

When all is said and done we are lead by idiot clowns. Not the ones with the painted faces and flowers that spray water (for the record I am terrified of clowns). No, the three piece suit kind of clowns. The banking failures of the past week are just another example in a long line of complete and total corruption and incompetence all led and endorsed by Democrat leaders more than 2 decades ago. Have a listen and I will explain.

Briefing 272-Now Hiring Non-Stupid People–America Has Battered Wife Syndrome–Nord Stream II May Be The Beginning of WWIII

A pizzeria in Ohio is advertising what we all know.  No employer wants stupid people.  They do not want to hire, train, or babysit these people and some are being out right obvious about it.  This is a sign of the times and we all know it.  Also, America is a beaten women who makes excuses for her unfaithful, battering husband.  No other way to look at it.  Finally, Norstream II may very well be looked at by scholars in the distant future as the actual catalyst and beginning of WWII and here is why.  

Briefing 271-Warning–Smoke Screen Alert. Biden Admin Is Pushing UFO Narrative To Distract From WW3, Hunter, And Palestine, OH

Spy balloons are nothing more than a distraction. A convenient way to distract the clueless population of the US into believing in their minds that we are possibly being invaded by aliens. (Not illegal aliens. That narrative and fact is true.). No, I am speaking about the little green men. Don’t look over here says the magician, please look here so that I can pull a fast one on you. Do not fall for it. Also, screw the IRS and pay your next waitress/waiter in cash.

Briefing 270-Document Debacle Is Not A “Beating A Dead Horse” Situation. White Trailer Trash Biden Family Needs Atonement

I apologize for bringing this up once again. But the story that just keeps getting juicier continues to expand. Now former VP Pence admits to having classified documents at his Indiana home. Is this a ploy to help Joe, hurt Trump, and make it appear this is a commonplace occurrence. To soon to tell. But I will give you my thoughts on the whole mess. Have a listen.

Briefing 269-The “Resident In Chief” Has Document Scandal Blow Up In His Face By Design

The knives are out folks. Joe Biden’s days are numbered and his dreams of a 2024 run are being squashed as we read this. The SG (Shadow Government) is fed up with this guy and they are done. The word has gone out to the MSM and the green light has been given for them to go for the throat of this hack. Can’t say I am sorry or that I didn’t see this coming because I did. Joe will resign for health reasons, or he will spend the rest of his term wandering around in the White House talking to ghosts. But he will not be the nominee for 2024. The powers that exist in secret have spoken and their words do not include Joe Biden.