Briefing 227–Scream It From The Rooftops. Brittney Griner? Who Gives A Rat’s Ass? Also, Assorted Other Daily MSM BS.

Seriously, who cares? I love beating a dead horse, so

now she has officially been sentenced and apparently you and I should be protesting in the streets. We should be demanding here immediate release or a trade for a Russian arms dealer known as the ‘merchant of death.’ Seriously? While Rome is burning and we are on the brink of war with any number of nuclear capable super powers I am supposed to care about a little know, little talent, drug smuggler who was too stupid to think he/she might get caught. Get real. I am tired of this shit. That is a legal phrase by the way.

Briefing 226-Al Zawahiri’s Killed. Yeah, Right. My Bullshite Meter Is Red Lined. Also, The World In Freefall

I take one day off and the world turns upside down. We are on the doorstep of a very serious situation that could lead to the end of the world as we know it. We are literally pissing off everyone in the world. Everyone hates the U.S. Government and by proxy the American people. Our “loser in chief” is looking for distractions and they are coming in spades. Piss off China, piss off Russia, destroy the world economy, and spread fear porn about a disease that affects 0.002 percent of the population. All in an effort to take everyones eye off the fact that our country is in a death spiral.

Yikes. Biden Pokes The Eye Of China

You don’t write checks that you can’t cash. Words to live by and ignoring it may be fatal. Joe “Brandon” Biden is writing checks he is going to be required to cash with his ass and the lives of young service people. After a two hour phone call Xi Jinping tells Sleepy Joe ‘those who play with fir will be perished by it. It is hoped that the US will be clear-eyed about this.’ Sound like a threat to you? We are being led to the slaughter by a geriatric nitwit.

Briefing 225–Service, Courtesy, Quality, Brand VS Self Centered, Self Righteous, Parasites. Also, I Got Fired Yesterday

I apologize in advance for the rant you are about to hear. But I am sick and tired of the constant whining of a group of Americans who take no responsibility for their actions. Decisions in life have consequences and, you as a human being, must live with those consequences. But the Lunatic Left (25% of the population) do not have the ability or the self awareness to admit a mistake or take any responsibility. It is always someone else’s fault. Convince me I am wrong.

Briefing 224–9/11 Historians, Analysts, And ‘Gawd Forbid’ Conspiracy Theorists, Are Not Going Away.

Think the story of September 11, 2001 has been put to rest? Couldn’t be further from the truth. The official story is full of so many holes it looks like swiss cheese and stinks like Limburger. Yes, the media would have you believe that 19 cave dwelling radicals circumvented all security, picked the exact day dozens of drills were being run involving hijacking, commendered jet airliners with box cutters, and sent our country into a tailspin. Yes, the same media today whom cannot be trusted with reporting the weather. Listen for my own insight and red pill moment.

Briefing 223–Climate Change (Global Warming) Fear Porn, Lies, Paid Propaganda And The Fake News Love Affair With Catastrophe

Get ready for a daily dose of fear porn, also known as, climate change. The White House and the Biden Administration have shifted from Covid 19 hysteria to Global Warming and will not relent until you are fully aware that we are all doomed and you are happy about it. While the history of the planet and the cyclical ups and downs of temperature notwithstanding, you can take it to the bank that the MSM will pound away at this fairytale for the foreseeable future. That is until the next doomsday idea makes its debut. New pandemic anyone?

Briefing 222–Ukraine Is Doomed: Putin’s Plans, The West’s Propaganda Strategy, And Zelinsky’s Payday

If you think the Ukraine “Special Military Operation” is about the security of the United States, think again. Zelinsky’s so called “wife” is in town for a sit down with the senile Leader in Chief. She is going to paint Putin and Russia as evil, make reference to so called “war atrocities” and have her hand out. She is clearly out of central casting. Blonde, petite, and beautiful is all you as a taxpayer needs to see. Turn on the Treasury printing presses. A damsel in distress needs our help. Or, let me clarify, our money. The Military Industrial Complex is literally doing a jig.

Briefing 221–Woke, Wimp Cops, Overweight Behemoths, And Gutless, Non-testicular Barney Fifes. The Uvalde Lesson.

Do you remember what cops looked like when you were a kid? They were badass and looking for a fight. They were polite, but to the point. You didn’t want to screw with them because they looked like they could easily kick your ass, looked like they wanted to, and looked like they would have enjoyed the chance. Where have they all gone? Why does it feel that you and I are on our own? Uvalde has taught us an important lesson. In a crisis, with a worthless, gutless, bureaucracy in charge you are on your own.

Briefing 220–Midterms Are Coming And “Satan’s Little Helpers” Know It Is Over. So Watch For The Scorched Earth Plan

If you think that the Lunatic Left, Democrats, the Woke crowd is going to go silently into the night come November? Think again. Despite the polling numbers and the predicted seat loss that the Dems will incur you can bet they have a plan in place to burn everything behind them and set our country on a tailspin the likes you and I have not experience in our lifetimes. These people have no regard for you are the country. Their only concern is power and if they are in danger of losing it they will set the place on fire. “If I can’t have it, then no one will have it.” Mark my words these lunatics are setting boobie traps as I am writing this and a spineless Republican Party will be tasked with disarming those traps. Good luck.

Briefing 219–Let’s Face It. The Senate Is A Waste Of Time, Plus, Railroad Strike On The Horizon

When an institution like the Senate wastes its time debating with lunatics about whether or not a human male can give birth you know that institution has lost any credibility it may have once had and is nothing more than a stage to promote those who seek higher office. But here is the catch. You will get no credit for arguing a non issue with a lunatic. Our country is facing multiple serious issues and a Senator finds the need to argue about the laws of nature? I’m tapping out. Also, a railroad strike looms and no one in mainstream media cares.