Briefing 199–Is Putin The Bad Guy? Is He Losing? Who Are The Good Guys? What Can We Believe? Help.

The world is full of shite. You are smart and you know this. Then why is it that a large segment of our society has been convinced that the United States must defend the most corrupt country on the planet from its neighbor? I venture a guess that all of those same people who are condemning Putin could not pick out Ukraine on a map 6 months ago. Why this sudden interest in a country that is the center of a huge unreported scandal involving the Fake President of the United States? I will try to explain.

Briefing 198–Our Banana Republic Voting System Is Still Suspect.

Pennsylvania and Oregon primary elections Tuesday are still not final. Mail in balloting is still an issue that will continue to wreak havoc in America and will become an issue in the 2020 midterms. Mark my words this is a beta test. The evil, that is the Left in this country, is at this moment tabulating the reactions to the tainted elections and will make adjustments for the midterms. They are literally testing to see what they can get away with. I have not doubt.

Briefing 197–Biden Administration Confirms We All Live In a Dictatorship.

I know, I know, more Biden hate. No, I refuse to beat a dead horse, but it has become apparent that you and I are living in a totalitarian dystopia time in history and we may not even realize it at this particular time. The events of the past 477 days has led me to believe we are living in a time that history will classify as traumatic and off the charts. Bear with me as I make my case.

Briefing 196–Who’s Your Daddy? After May 22, 2022 It Will Be The W.H.O.

The fake Commander in Chief Joe Biden is in the process of turning over control of your health and your sovereignty to an unelected, foreign entity. The WHO or World Health Organization will become your god and savior if this administration has its way. This could be the most devastating crime committed by this administration that will have long term and serious effects to each and every one of us Americans. I am sounding the alarm. This is serious.

Briefing 195–THIS WEEK TODAY. A Wild Week In News. Have A Listen, And Then Have A Drink. You May Need It.

Sometimes it is hard to absorb all that is happening in the world in a short time. Wow, was this week full of surprises. This review is not for the faint of heart. It’s bad and not going to get much better anytime soon. So sit back, have a sip of your favorite beverage, and have a listen.

Briefing 194–‘Trust Fund Baby’ Elizabeth Deutsch At Center Of SCOTUS Leak. Paging C.S.I. Miami.

Let’s get to the bottom of this. As David Caruso (Horatio Caine) of C.S.I. Miami would say this looks like an “inside job.” Yes, I think the circumstantial evidence is damning and someone should take a look at this gal and her WaPo reporter husband. Yeah, I’m talking to you Chief Justice John Roberts. What is the quote by all crime shows? Motive, and opportunity. I rest my case.

Briefing 193–Karine Jean-Pierre Our New WH Press Sec. Is A Plane Crash Looking For A Place To Happen.

You have heard people say “it couldn’t be much worse?” This change in leadership at the White House Press Room is a perfect example of how it can be worse. Much worse. This woman is a living example of how incompetence, sexual orientation, race, and gender can lead you to the promised land in the world of the lunatic left. Wow this is going to be fun to watch.

Briefing 192–Remember When Posting Something On Twitter Or FaceBook Was Inciting A riot Or Insurrection?

Just a few years ago it was considered treasonous to post something on a social media platform that did not reflect the Lunatic Left position. But today it is more that ok to threaten federal judges, threaten violence against any group that has an opposing view, and it is ok to protest and disrupt a federal judge’s home and neighborhood. My how things have changed. But god forbid that you bring up the name Ashley Babbitt. Our country has become a “banana republic” before our very eyes.

Briefing 191–American Public: “My Country Is Running Rough And Making A Noise.” American Mechanic: “Well Here’s Your Problem.”

We need someone who is qualified to diagnosis the ills of our country. We are literally driving a car with bad brakes, the oil light on, overheating, beginning to knock, and has tires going flat. When mechanical problems exist I don’t ask the music teacher how to fix it. I ask a qualified mechanic, regardless of race, color, religion, or sexual orientation. I just want my vehicle repaired. We are living in a world were qualifications mean nothing and the focus is solely on optics. We need a Ross Perot type to “pop the hood” and fix the problem.

Briefing 190–Lunatic Left Goes “All In” To Reveal And Confirm It Is An Actual CULT!!

Look the word “cult” up in a dictionary. Merriam defines it as: Great devotion to a person, ideal, object, movement, or work and usually represented by a small group of people characterized by such devotion. I think that pretty much sums up the entire Democratic party. Call me wacky but these people have reached the “no holds” barred moment in American political history and the larger group will suffer for the idiocy of the few.