Briefing 233–Feckless, Spineless, Republicans Complaining About Our Nation Circling The Drain. But Rock The Boat? Perish The Thought

What is it going to take for the Republicans and the powers that are anti Biden to get up in arms? What is it going to take for the members of society to say, ‘ok that’s enough.’ I thought it would be when children were being abused by the elite. I thought it would be when the world came to a screeching halt over a virus. I thought it would be when doctors endorsed children changing their gender. I was wrong on all counts. Talk is very cheap. Ask any Republican congressman or women. But if we are to survive as a nation we must have someone doing something other than talking. The time to act is now.

Briefing 232–The Over The Top Hatred Directed At DJT Knows No Equal In American History

This is unprecedented. It doesn’t exist at any other time in modern politics. I thought the Right hated Bill Clinton. That pales in comparison to the hatred the Shadow Government shows for Donald J. Trump. They act on this hatred like it is mass hysteria. They act on it without due diligence and they stumble and fall each and every time. When going up against a formidable foe you better bring your best game to the court. This administration brings only incompetence, stupidity, and laziness.

Briefing 231–Biden And Garland Go Into Hiding. No Questions, No Answers, No Shit. Mar-A-Lago Will Be Here When You Return.

What a bunch of cowards. Coincidently, Biden has a planned vacation and Merrick Garland is a now show. How convenient. This is a in your face F-you. The corrupt powers that be are telling the American electorate you can go F yourself. We are the kings and kings do not need to justify their actions or pay homage to the peasants. Just pay your inflated taxes, (or we will send arm guards to your home), and shut the hell up. This raid was a colossal disaster and now the FBI is looking for cover. If it wasn’t then the kings would be out crowing but instead they are hiding.

Briefing 230–Call Me Wacky, But Is It Possible Trump Is The Greatest Showman Of All?

Hear me out. Is it possible that Donald Trump is the greatest troll of all time? Love him or hate him everyone loves an underdog. Think of the Rocky movies. Adrian!!! Sorry, I got distracted. But think of how America feels when the hero or the main character is down and out, being pummeled by the “bad guys” and how we all get up and cheer when he finds new strength and defeats the foe. Now this is purely speculations driven by a few stories that I have read. But reading between the lines there may be another angle here. Listen and lets discuss.

Briefing 229–Welcome To The Banana Republic Of The United States

I never thought it would happen. I never thought that the enemies of the state would stoop to such a low place and such scumbag tactics. I new it was bad. Spying on a Presidential candidate, countless attempts at scandal, and two failed impeachments and now this. We have become what America has mocked for decades. We are now no morally superior than the ‘tin horn’ dictatorships we used to laugh about in Central America. This is a path that is hard to return from. We are now currently the laughing stock of the world. We garner no respect and are now the butt of a joke. This tactic will explode in the Lunatic Lefts face. Mark my words. Donald Trump is not the kind of man to back down and I do not believe this will be the exception to that rule.

Briefing 227-The Misnamed Inflation Reduction Act: A Pointless Giveaway To Special Interests And The Destruction Of Our Planet

Whenever you hear the name of a bill in Congress that is positive. You can bet your last dollar that it will actually result in the exact opposite of what is claimed. The Inflation Reduction Act is just such a bill. It will provide nothing for the Average American and will cost each and everyone of us an incalculable amount that will affect our children and grandchildren. Rather than saving the planet it will result in strip mining the earth to provide EV’s that run on fossil fuels that neither you are I can afford. The largest transfer in wealth in human history is about to take place. What are Republicans doing about it? Pissing and moaning on Fox News. Worthless humans.

Briefing 227–Scream It From The Rooftops. Brittney Griner? Who Gives A Rat’s Ass? Also, Assorted Other Daily MSM BS.

Seriously, who cares? I love beating a dead horse, so

now she has officially been sentenced and apparently you and I should be protesting in the streets. We should be demanding here immediate release or a trade for a Russian arms dealer known as the ‘merchant of death.’ Seriously? While Rome is burning and we are on the brink of war with any number of nuclear capable super powers I am supposed to care about a little know, little talent, drug smuggler who was too stupid to think he/she might get caught. Get real. I am tired of this shit. That is a legal phrase by the way.

Briefing 226-Al Zawahiri’s Killed. Yeah, Right. My Bullshite Meter Is Red Lined. Also, The World In Freefall

I take one day off and the world turns upside down. We are on the doorstep of a very serious situation that could lead to the end of the world as we know it. We are literally pissing off everyone in the world. Everyone hates the U.S. Government and by proxy the American people. Our “loser in chief” is looking for distractions and they are coming in spades. Piss off China, piss off Russia, destroy the world economy, and spread fear porn about a disease that affects 0.002 percent of the population. All in an effort to take everyones eye off the fact that our country is in a death spiral.

Yikes. Biden Pokes The Eye Of China

You don’t write checks that you can’t cash. Words to live by and ignoring it may be fatal. Joe “Brandon” Biden is writing checks he is going to be required to cash with his ass and the lives of young service people. After a two hour phone call Xi Jinping tells Sleepy Joe ‘those who play with fir will be perished by it. It is hoped that the US will be clear-eyed about this.’ Sound like a threat to you? We are being led to the slaughter by a geriatric nitwit.

Briefing 225–Service, Courtesy, Quality, Brand VS Self Centered, Self Righteous, Parasites. Also, I Got Fired Yesterday

I apologize in advance for the rant you are about to hear. But I am sick and tired of the constant whining of a group of Americans who take no responsibility for their actions. Decisions in life have consequences and, you as a human being, must live with those consequences. But the Lunatic Left (25% of the population) do not have the ability or the self awareness to admit a mistake or take any responsibility. It is always someone else’s fault. Convince me I am wrong.