Briefing 258-Mainstream Media- MSM-Are In a Bit Of A Pickle And I For One Rejoice.  DTJ Is Their Worst F**kin’ Nightmare 

No matter where they turn, it is a dead end created by their own ignorance, prejudice and self righteousness. MSM have painted themselves into a corner and it is Donald Trump who holds the brush. Cover his antics and risk the public learning the truth, or dismiss him, refuse to cover his campaign and reveal the cabal that is Mainstream Media.

Briefing 257-You Must Tip Your Hat To The Demons. They Never Give Up, And Never Know The Meaning Of The Word Stop

Say what you want about Nancy Pelosi. But you have to admire her at some level. She and her kin have made a deal with the devil and they are going full bore at accomplishing their plan. My question is how bad does it need to get before people question the direction of humanity? Because at the end of the day it is humanity that is in jeopardy. The United States of Amnesia has no interest at this point in questioning anything. God forbid you are called an “election denier.” Is Trump going to announce? Who knows? Will it matter? Yes, I believe he is our only hope.

Briefing 256-Parental Warning. The Following May Contain Language You Find Objectionable. Proceed With Caution. This Means You Dems.

I try not to lace my podcasts with profanity, but I am fired up. I almost fell for the latest psyop of the old guard Republicans in concert with the Old guard Dems and MSM. MAGA is alive and well. Trump had a great election night. Don’t let them fool you. We won. But we didn’t get justice. Trump had 219 wins out of 235 endorsements. That is a winning night. I would take that winning percentage to the race track anyday. Remember Democrats Ruin Everything.

Briefing 255-Midterm Results Day Three: Epic Failure And GOP So Called “Leaders”Centrally To Blame

Ah yes, and so it begins.  The astroturfing that is currently taking place is mind boggling.  The Republican Party is blaming weak candidates and MAGA for their misery.  Nice try there Mitch but you have no one to blame but yourself and your low life career politician friends for this mess.  Stolen elections aside, and I believe there were shenanigans taking place Tuesday, but when you get 6 million more votes in house races and lose you need to look in the mirror. 

Briefing 254-My Safest Prediction For 2022 Midterms. Democrats Will Cheat At All Costs

I have predictions for the Nov. 8th elections, but none that I am more confident of than Democrats will attempt to cheat at all levels. Don’t expect to know who won anytime soon.  Despite our technological might we run elections in the United States like it is the 1850’s.  That is for a reason.  More time means more shenanigans.  Barring a grid failure, tsunami, earthquake, or meteorite strike you can rest assured this will be a procedural shite show.  

Briefing 253-Warning!!!The Following May Contain Content That Will Scare The Hell Out Of You.  Proceed With Caution

Look, I am not going to sugar coat it.  Things are a mess and will only get worse. Will the Dems steal the election?  I believe they will do everything in their power to hold on to power.  So yes, a resounding yes.  Also, diesel fuel shortage and an explanation of why things are the way they are.  I do not want to scare you. You have been warned

Briefing 252-The White House Occupant Is A Latter Day Version Of A Middle Ages Leper.  Divisive Does Not Begin To Describe His Meandering, Clueless, Hate Filled Blathering 

I don’t know about you but I expect a certain amount of civility from the people in charge of the country.  You can have your Yankees versus Red Sox mentality but I want your main focus to be on the good of the nation.  That boat has sailed in this country.  The Democrat party is hate filled and willing to go to any length to remain in power and have control over you.  This is what delusion looks like. 

Briefing 251-Set Back And Let Me Tell You A Epic, 100% Bull Shite Story Thanks To The Pelosi Family

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Or as W famously said, “Fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again.” I want to discuss the latest turn in the Paul Pelosi (I’m not gay) narrative. They must think we are all completely stupid. I would be embarrassed to tell such a story out loud and expect people to believe it. But (sigh) I am the naive one. When people reach certain levels of power they truly believe they are above reproach and capable of anything. Lets talk and laugh at their expense. What say you?

Briefing 250-Elon Musk Exists Only In The Heads Of Those Who Actually Believe The BS

Not to repeat myself, but I will. The Elon Musk phenomenon is just that, a phenomenon, a bullshit story, a grift. The takeover of Twitter will do absolutely nothing for the average American. It is nothing more than a ego boost for a narcissist. Watch what happens and prepare to be disappointed.

Briefing 249-Biden The “Resident In Chief” Is Rounding The Clubhouse Turn Of The Dementia/Alzheimers Race And Why The Democrat Party Is A Full Fledged, In Your Face, Textbook Definition Of A CULT.   

Not remembering a bill you signed to rename a Post Office is one thing.  But deluding that a law was passed forgiving billions of dollars of Student Loan Debt is inexcusable.  Plus, he said the bill passed by a few votes?  WTF?  Let me tell you why the Democrat party is a cult.  I have the evidence.