Briefing 250-Elon Musk Exists Only In The Heads Of Those Who Actually Believe The BS

Not to repeat myself, but I will. The Elon Musk phenomenon is just that, a phenomenon, a bullshit story, a grift. The takeover of Twitter will do absolutely nothing for the average American. It is nothing more than a ego boost for a narcissist. Watch what happens and prepare to be disappointed.

Briefing 249-Biden The “Resident In Chief” Is Rounding The Clubhouse Turn Of The Dementia/Alzheimers Race And Why The Democrat Party Is A Full Fledged, In Your Face, Textbook Definition Of A CULT.   

Not remembering a bill you signed to rename a Post Office is one thing.  But deluding that a law was passed forgiving billions of dollars of Student Loan Debt is inexcusable.  Plus, he said the bill passed by a few votes?  WTF?  Let me tell you why the Democrat party is a cult.  I have the evidence.  

Briefing 248–How To Win Elections For Dummies 2022

Look, I’m no expert.  But I can tell you that whoever is being paid to run modern election campaigns needs to be replaced.  These people believe the modern registered voter is educated about the issues.  They are not.  They have no idea.  They are busy trying to run families, pay bills, and make it to work daily with a hangover.  If you want to win an election you need to appeal to a tiny segment of society.  That segment is a 5-6% of independent voters.  Without them and their support you can cancel your plans of moving into the bigger office.  Also, you need to get these people to show up at the polls.  Good Luck.  

Briefing 247–American Loves To Celebrate Lunacy, Kangaroo Courts, Psycho Leaders, Forked Tongue Politicians, And A Failing Educational System

Batshit lunacy is on the menu for today’s America. You can’t pick up a publication, turn on a news channel, or check your news app without a healthy dose of complete and total insanity. We have a Commander in Chief who has committed a treasonous crime, via quid pro quo, and no one is the least bit interested. Inflation is raging and that same nitwit claims it is a good start and he is not even questioned. Our educational system is in the toilet. And what is everyone talking about? Have a listen and find out.

Briefing 246–Selective Service Contradiction Is The Highlight Of A Failing Administration-Transitioning Takes A Back Seat To Killing For The Elite

You can’t make this up. A “so called” woke President, a society hell bent on wokeness, hundreds of exceptions for transgender individuals, pronoun choice, bathroom and locker room adjustments, five year olds being taught by drag queens…. and yet all of these so called advancements take a back seat to dying for your country. I call “bullshit.” Have a listen and I will explain why.

Briefing 245–Habituated To Habituation. The Biggest Worry For The World Today And No One Is Discussing It.

What does it take to get someone to exit a burning building? What must you say to convince them that their lives are in danger? “Your house is on fire. I can see the flames coming out of the roof.” ” Oh, it’s alright. What are you going to do? That’s Just the way it is. It could always be worse.” This kind of mindset is dangerous for everyone and could lead to a election that we didn’t see coming. If you think ‘Uncle Joe’ can’t win again. Think again.

Briefing 244–Left Wing Media Goes Batshit As Elon Musk Closes Twitter Deal

Look, I am no fan of Elon Musk. I think he is a 21st century con man who is a PR whore, was born into a wealthy family and happened to be in the right place at the right time. End of story. Do I respect him? Not a chance. Do I admire him? No. Are people envious of him? I guess, but you must remember that he has used a grift to acquire most of his wealth and provides very little for the average human. Buying Twitter will make or break this guy. Either way I don’t really care. My only hope is that Twitter can become a version of the internet during the 90’s which was the wild west. We will all benefit.

Briefing 243–When The Mood Of America Shifts The Parasitic, Meaningless, And Clueless, Media Change Their Message

Bill Mahr is a jerk. No getting around it. I have read that its not an act either. But Ole Bill has discovered that the old way of doing business is not working. Being the high and mighty intellect of the left is not selling and he has got to change in order to survive. Bill is just a symptom of a larger problem for the Lunatic Left. Trevor Noah gets canned and Bill Mahr’s ears perk up. “They canned him. Holy shite I better change my schtick and do it fast. I know what. I will become the reluctant independent. Yeah, that’s it.” Oh, by the way. Seth Meyer is next. Goodby leftoids. Your time has come and gone. Mainstream Media is dying and they know it.

Briefing 242–My Rant On Bad Drivers, Bad Politicians, Bad Ideas, Bad People, and Bad Ideology

Bear with me for a sec. I am going to rant a while about bad drivers. Not just bad drivers but the ‘off a cliff’ decline in driving skill levels in America. Where am I going with this you ask? Well, I believe our declining skills in operating a motor vehicle parallels our declining ability to critically think and use common sense. Hear me out and see if my analogy makes any sense.

Briefing 241–Americans Are Simply Children Being Led To The Slaughter By Pied Piper. Off A Cliff? No Problem. Self Destruction? We Are On Board.

You and I know that Pops is completely full of shite. We realize that we are being led by a dark order of people who wish us nothing but destruction. But the scary thing is that a large percentage of Americans are just fine with that very thing. They have no clue, are disinterested, busy, and narcotized. Common sense and an ability to critically think has gone the way of the buggy whip. We are at a crossroads. Our society will not survive if left to that 30-40% who have no clue. Mark my words, the 2022 elections are not a two foot putt and if you think the Liberal Left is going to go down without a fight you are wrong. The Dems could win again in November and Old Joe could win again in 2024, assuming he lives that long. Republicans including DJT need to come up with a message and come up with it quickly.